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Confederation Park Little League

Dr. Darryl

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What you pay for - no cash calls or extra fees

What your CUBS fees pay for:

1) Little league registration and insurance

2) Uniform and Hat you keep

3) Hoodie and Toque you keep

4) District Tournament fees

5) Indoor Training 

6) Extra  workshops

7) Parent clinic 

Baseball equipment needed to play at Confed


  • glove
  • jock or jill
  • track or ball pants
  • runners or cleats

7 and above

  • glove
  • jock or jill
  • grey ball pants
  • runners or cleats
  • batting helmet

If you have a bat bring it.  

All players keep uniforms.

You will be getting a coupon by email from United Cycle.

We are looking for a retired person looking to cut grass

We have three set diamonds that need to cut regularly April to August.

Being a community based group we need your support.  If you are at home and need things to do sit on a tractor cutting grass and enjoying the outdoors!


for more information please email

Days we play

Level Days of Play Cost
U6 South side Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday practice and Saturday games $180
U6 West end Monday and Wednesday $180
U8 Monday and Wednesday $260
U11 Tuesday and Thursday $260
U12 Sunday, Monday, Wednesday $260
U13-16 Tuesday, Thursday and Friday $260

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