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A Message for all Coaches, Parents and Players – D2 Edmonton Little League

04/06/2015, 1:00pm MDT
By District 2

Email has become an important communication tool in our modern day lives. We use it for communicating information to a lot of people very quickly and efficiently. Email is an excellent tool if it is used properly and respectfully.

The cardinal rule with email is that it should never be used for anything other than passing along information and receiving information. Emails should never be used to express opinions or emotions, this allows for misinterpretation and you have no control over who the email may be forwarded to.

Little League is about having fun and positive reinforcement of its inherent philosophy of living a well-rounded wholesome life (it’s not just about baseball). This is why we include a“Code of Conduct” in our registration packages. Good sportsmanship is at the core of Little Leagues beliefs.

Having said this I would like to make it very clear to everyone, coaches, parents and players that there is no place in Little League for anything but positive, encouraging messages being sent as emails. Any emails (or messages of any sort) that are negative or critical have no place in Little League and are strictly against the “Code of Conduct”. Please ensure that if you are sending any emails that they are positive and specifically directed toward conveying information to our players, parents and coaches.

If for any reason you have concerns or issues there is a process in place to deal with them. If you are not sure of that process please communicate with your league director or president, one on one, and they can certainly assist you with this process or the issue itself.

Thank you for all your excellent efforts in promoting a positive, fun Little League experience for our young ball players and everyone involved in making Little League a great success.  


Thank You

Marc Harris

Little League Alberta / D2 - District  Administrator

Edmonton, AB

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